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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

We design and manufacture a wide variety of shell and tube exchangers with styles defined by TEMA or variations thereof. We have extensive experience with carbon steel, high alloys and weld overlay materials to suit a wide variety of process requirements.



Outside Diameter: 6 inches up to 192 inches

Length:                 4 feet up to 100 feet

Weight:                 2,000 lbs up to 500,000 lb


Carbon steel

Low Alloy (1.25 Cr, 2 Cr, 5 Cr, 9 Cr, 13 Cr)

Austenitic 300 series stainless (304, 316, 317, 321, etc)

Duplex stainless steels

High alloy (600, 800, 825 series)



Brass, 70-30 Cu-Ni, 90-10 Cu-Ni

Titanium (limited)

Weld overlay (300 series, high-alloy)


Atmospheric up to 6,000 psig (welding up to 5 inches thick)


HTRI – Category III member

Aspentech TEAMS, Compress

FE/Pipe and Nozzle/Pro

Customized software

AutoCad, Inventor

FEA – ANSYS (sub-contracted)


ASME Certified and Audited Quality Program

World Class Project Management


ASME ‘U’, ‘S’, ‘U2’

National Board


As one of the most reliable Heat Exchanger manufacturers and suppliers in China, it is here waiting for your contact to import quality shell & tube heat exchangers at a good price from us.

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