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The Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Mechanical Become The Mainstream Market
Unidus Industry Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2017
  • The metal fin type radiator is gas and liquid heat exchanger used in a wide range of a heat exchanger by on a common base tube installing fins to enhance heat transfer to reduce or increase in gas or liquid temperature. Unidus Fintube experts also pointed out that the fin technology base pipe can steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and copper tube, fin can also strip, with stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc.. Fin type radiator can be divided into around the plate fin structure in the form; on chip chip chip; welding; rolling. At present, the most widely used is the steel aluminium composite fin tube, it uses the efficient thermal conductivity of steel pipe pressure and aluminum, in special machine compounded. Steel and steel aluminum compound heat exchanger not only to meet the requirements of these, but also has the ductility and tensile strength increases with the decrease of temperature and the characteristics, so in the world of compact type for heat exchanger in, especially in low temperature of the compact type for heat exchanger, has obtained the widespread application.


  • Finned tube heat exchanger with internal finned tube finned tube and fin tube two, which is commonly used outside fin tube. Outside fin tube is generally formed fin certain height and distance, a certain thickness of the light in the outer surface of the tube by machining methods. Fin tube type spiral finned tube and fin tube set rolling finned tube, fin type finned tube heat exchanger with ordinary light tube heat exchanger has many advantages on the thermal performance and economy. Under suitable conditions, relative to the optical equipment of finned tube heat exchanger tube equipment can reduce the size of 30% to 75%. In the current chemical enterprises strengthen the compatibilization of the progress of science and technology, high efficient reforming process, the application can solve shell and tube heat exchanger in many problems, the new types of finned tube for heat exchanger will get more and more extensive research and application.

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