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  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
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    Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Available as forced draft, induced draft or natural convection. Our aerial coolers can include either box, cover plate or billet headers for a wide spectrum of services. Our engineers design systems to API Standard 661 and winterization where required. Additionally, our...Read More
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
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    Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

    We design and manufacture a wide variety of shell and tube exchangers with styles defined by TEMA or variations thereof. We have extensive experience with carbon steel, high alloys and weld overlay materials to suit a wide variety of process requirements.Read More
  • High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube (CAT)
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    High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube (CAT)

    High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube (CAT) is composed of 3003 aluminum and high-strengthen aluminum nuts. No corrosion after 500 hour’s standard salt spray test. After the trail by many air conditioner factories, it can be regarded as the most safe and reliable substitute for...Read More
  • AL Inner Grooved Copper Tube
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    AL Inner Grooved Copper Tube

    Aluminum Inner Grooved Copper Tube is made of 3003/3103 al-alloy materials through extrusion and drawing that determine its better ductility. ...Read More
  • Precision Shape Tube
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    Precision Shape Tube

    Aluminum light weight, excellent performance, good manufacturability, higher material recycling renewable, abundant resources...Read More
  • High Frequency HF Welding Header Tube
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    High Frequency HF Welding Header Tube

    High frequency welding header pipe is widely used in air conditioning heat exchange system: parallel flow condenser, evaporator...Read More
  • Multi-Port Extrusion MPE
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    Multi-Port Extrusion MPE

    The Multi-Port Extrusion (MPE), also called micro-channel tube, is a highly refined quality product characterized by the following properties: Low energy costsRead More
  • Hot Rolled Grinding Steel Ball
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    Hot Rolled Grinding Steel Ball

    Grinding balls for steel grinding machines (hereinafter referred to as grinding steel balls) are a kind of medium used in the ball grinding mill to grind the materials therein. With an annual capacity of 500,000 tons, the grinding steel ball is mainly used in mines, with...Read More
  • API Globe Gate Check Valve
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    API Globe Gate Check Valve

    Features: Bolted, Cover, Swing Type Disc, Threaded of Welded Seat Ring Body material: Cast iron, WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M Specification: Structure: BC, Swing Type Design standard: BS 1868 or API 6D Face to face: ASTM/ANSI B16.10 Flange ends:: ANSI...Read More
  • Class 600 API 600 Bronze Gate Valves
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    Class 600 API 600 Bronze Gate Valves

    Bronze Gate Valves are good choices for high desalination and corrosive environment.Read More
  • Globe Ball Valve
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    Globe Ball Valve

    Globe ball valve is an excellent choice for opening and shut-off. Ball valves are durable; they can still work perfectly after years of disuse. A V-port Ball valve which can be referred to as a type of control valve has the best regulation performance. These valves are...Read More
  • Gate Valve
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    Gate Valve

    Gate valves are the most common valves which are used for opening and closing. We mainly produces Gate valves according to the standard of API 600. We call them API 600 Gate valves. According to different design standards, DIN Gate valves are also avaiable . The body of Gate...Read More
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