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U Bend And Finned Tube

  • Aluminum Clad Copper Tube (ACC)
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    Aluminum Clad Copper Tube (ACC)

    Good heat-transmit performance, which can be widely applied in air conditioner, refrigeration, dehumidifier and so onRead More
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Tube(CCA)
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    Copper Clad Aluminum Tube(CCA)

    CCA (copper clad aluminum) tube is one kind of new tube that developed by Unidus based on ACC tube, the copper-aluminum interface is form of metal bonding between Cu and AI atoms.Read More
  • Aluminium Tube
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    Aluminium Tube

    Aluminium Tubing The properties of aluminum that make it so attractive include strength, light weight, fabricability and corrosion resistance. Aluminium is approximately 1/3 the weight of steel, yet some aluminum alloys exhibit tensile strengths greater than some low...Read More
  • Corrugated Tube
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    Corrugated Tube

    The corrugated tube presents a uniform helical deformation both internally and externally. This deformation creates an internal turbulence that allows a very efficient exchange. Main applications: Food processing industry Bio and food processing industry Refrigeration ...Read More
  • Integral Low Fin Tube
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    Integral Low Fin Tube

    Integral low fin tube is a particular working on the tube by direct extrusion, that increase the surface, and improve the thermical performance of the heat exchanger without changing or increase the shell size. Integral low low fin is supplied straight and/or U tubes bended...Read More
  • HFW Finned Tube
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    HFW Finned Tube

    Unidus can supply either solid or serrated welded finned tubes.These tubes are manufactured specifically to suit the high temperature environment found in furnaces/boliers and waste heat recovery equipment.Our high frequency serrated fin is a metal trip that has been serrated...Read More
  • High Precision Finned Tubes
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    High Precision Finned Tubes

    Provide kinds of high quality finned tubes such as extruded fin,L fins,embedded finned tubes which are widely used for heat exchanger,air cooler heat exchanger.Read More
  • U Bend Tube For Heat Exchanger
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    U Bend Tube For Heat Exchanger

    U-Bend Tube U-bend tubes are widely used in heat-exchanger systems. Heat-exchanger equipment on the basis of seamless stainless U-tubes is essential in strategically important and critical fields — nuclear and petrochemical machine building. ...Read More
As one of the most reliable U bend and finned tube manufacturers and suppliers in China, it is here waiting for your contact to import quality U bend and finned tube at a good price from us.
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